Oculus Go

  • Download:

    1. Visit SexBabesVR and download a VR video

      Visit SexBabesVR.com on your OculusGo browser and login to your SexBabesVR account. Select and download the VR video you would like to see. Save your selected video file to your OculusGO

    2. Install / Open DeoVR

      Please, install "DeoVR" from your Oculus Store. When installation is complete, you can open DeoVR from your Library under MyApps in OculusGo.

    3. Play a VR video in DeoVR

      The DEO VR main menu includes your file management and video player options. In the folder menu open the previously downloaded VR video, which is usually in Downloads folder.

      DeoVR enables you to play VR videos in different formats. Please, select the 180 degree and SBS options to fully enjoy our VR videos in the correct format.

  • Streaming:

    1. Visit SexBabesVR and download a VR video

      ⦁ Put on your OculusGo headset and with the help of the OculusGo browser visit SexBabesVR.com.
      ⦁ Choose a video you would like to experience in Virtual Reality and hit PLAY!

    2. Enjoy!

      Please visit http://deovr.com/ for more information on DeoVR player.