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This is a virtual reality video. Watch in VR headset.


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They say you can feel the music, but we're pretty sure that Alesia Fox strums a lot more than just a guitar. Whether you're taking your first lesson or consider yourself something of a pro, we think you're going to learn an entirely new technique today as you explore this fabulous blonde's body while she plucks out a few chords... and the strings of your heart. Just check out that slim, slender frame. Those tits are a perfect handful! Long, blonde hair that you can imagine wrapping your hand in as you pull her back against your cock. She's a dream come true, and with SexBabesVR, she can be YOUR dream true right now in ultra-high resolution, incredibly immersive hardcore action. Just remember not to get any cum on that guitar when you're blowing your load all over that beautiful face of hers... it's bad for the strings.

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