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Seductive Foreplay

Jan 02, 2017

Welcome home, baby. Did you need a little something after work? Why don't you let your girlfriend Blance Bradburry take care of everything. Look, if you're going to get a virtual girlfriend experience, then you may as well pick the best girlfriend you can find. And this stunning blonde porn star is the perfect place to start. With her massive tits and sexy legs, you'll be getting rock hard from the moment you strap on your VR headset. Just check out that cat-like movement as she walks towards you. Our hearts actually fluttered a little when we saw her - the excitement was SO real that we wondered for a moment if we had condoms in the nightstand ready to go. Even better - you won't need one for Blanche. After all, it's just going to get in the way of coming all over that pretty, curvy body of hers!

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